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About Shichida and Doman : The Must-Do-Everyday

Posted by mommy2h on April 11, 2012 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (2)

When you talk about Shichida, what first come to your mind is high-speed and large amount of flash cards because Shichida is so famous for that.This is to train child's right brain, a direct input from eyes(vision) and ears(hearing) so that it can open the circuit that synchronizes right and left brain.

The POINT is...


①to show them at speed faster than 1 second per card and READ A-LOUD!make sure you flash and read at the same speed.(have to practice more on this..selalu sangkut2!tgn tak selaju mulut..huhu)

②as many as you can.(but don't force them,if they don't like it just stop and try another day)

③praise and reward them a kiss or hug every time you finish.

④plan your cards,avoid showing the same collection of cards in a week time cos children get bored easily.(kena ada large collection eg black/red dots, character dots, ABC, flags etc)

⑤don't put high-expectation cos this only will pressure you and your child.JUST HAVE FUN!Consider this as a game.



As for now,i still couldn't manage to have my dear Hafiy attention on this cards.Huh,pandang sebelah mata ajer..but no worries...mommy won't give up!It is very expensive to buy flashcards here in Japan so i print it out myself,kira DIY la nih..hehe..home-made flashcards.But,susah sket nak flash la sbb kertas tak berapa keras(i used the thickest paper my printer can accept!)Shall publish the pictures if i have time.


Owh,before i forget..this is what i read on blogs written by people who send their children to Shichida Academy,just for references.

Do this everyday and your whole point of view will change...(toddler version)


①At the end of the day list down 10 good things about your child/good things they have done(susah gak sebenarnya cos asyik terbyg 10 not-so-good things ajer..huhu)

②Think back wether you child have a good big laugh that day/wether you saw their big grin or jolly face when they laugh at their heart

③If NO, then your tomorrow's aim is to make them laugh,a very BIG and sincere laugh,make jokes,silly faces or what-so-ever.

④Provide regular routines. You don't have to be a slave to a schedule, but toddlers need predictability: breakfast first, then get dressed; put on socks and shoes, then go bye-bye; supper, quiet play, bath, brush teeth, then bedtime stories. Routines give a child a sense of mastery.

⑤The best time to teach them is in the morning.This is because most toddlers behave their best in the morning and their worst in late afternoon or just before naptimes.

bla,bla,bla..dah malas nak translate..hehe..sorry..


Anyway, all easy to say, easy to read but not that easy to do in real life! Life with a toddler can seem like a roller- coaster ride,unpredictable...but at least have it a try...(me, belum try semua lg terutama bab regular routines tuh..huhu..selalu la tersasar masa la,terlupa la..and worst part terMALAS!)

The Do's and Dont's

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I've been reading a few journals/reports about Shichida in the Internet, some of it a very good one cos it makes me re-think about my current life and the way i treat Hafiy...these are some of the main points.Excuse my english,i'm not good at translating..hehe


Basic things to remember:

①Accept your child the way he/she is because he/she is very special in their own way

②Find good points in them and agree

③Praise their effort and achievement-every little bit of it

④Be pleased of their improvement no matter how little it is

⑤Respect their individuality

⑥Accept them unconditionally

and the most important one is the MOTHER herself has to have space in her mind, be relax all the time.Don't rush yourself because mother and child has a special bond, which make the child to sense their mother's emotional change and this can make them tense too!


The DON'Ts that you must not do:

①Don't beat

②Don't shout/yell

③Don't give order

④Don't disregard

⑤Don't assume

⑥Don't speak ill/bad word

⑦Don't cheat

⑧Don't tell lie

⑨Don't betray

⑩Don't be negative

⑪Don't compare

⑫Don't blame

⑬Don't endure with unjust things

It doesn't mean you can do anything to your child, just because you gave birth of them.A child is to be respect as a human being, not as a thing that belong to someone(at this point i say all human being belongs to Allah...)Children will absolutely remember everything that you have done to them, they learn, copy from you and soon do the same thing to their child....

bla bla bla...panjang lagi tp rasanya nih yg penting...pastu ada topik How To, eg How to say No, how to Ask etc.

Shichida is not just about raising a genius(which people often confuse and get the wrong idea,hoping their children to be a genius when they enter the academy!)but Shichida method is for you to raise a balance healthy child, and by being healthy inside your mind will expand and 'breathe' continually and this makes it easy for you to input anything!

Useful Links

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***Cisss, punya la lama tak update blog sampai tak reti nk buat category..punya la ambil masa think! think! think! n RECALL mcm mana nk create category...dah ada tanda-tanda menopos penuaan di situ..hukhuk***

BTW, kalau dlm category 'prev post' maknanya saya ambil dan repost dr blog effirulhafiy yang telah berkunci mangga tu yer...harap maklum! Seperti yang dijanjikan - Found out gold mines on the internet for teaching materials for free. Here are some of the links.Have it a try!


Online Interactive sites for Phonics

Phonics Online activities – free membership is required. Make up your own password.


Best Interactive site for teaching phonics (has other language skills also other than phonics)


Interactive site that also has printables for phonics and poems with phonics.


Online games for learning phonics- excellent!


Teaches diverse English Language skills- alphabetical order, type the word, phonics etc. excellent! Is separated by level of difficulty


Good interactive phonics site

some activities are too hard


Phonemic awareness games and some other skills like memory, etc.




Sound of Letter Links

Sound of Letter exposure:

Click on the letter and then click on the objects that begin with that letter. Many letter and letter sounds


Sound of Letter exposure:

A slide presentation in story format to explain the ea sound- he can read it and learn phonics principles at the same time.


Sound of Letter identification: (also enhances vocabulary)

Find 3 objects that start with the letter.


Sound of Letter identification:

Match the fish that says a word with the same beginning sound as the word that the seal said. Click on the seal if you want to hear the word again.


Sound of Letter identification:

Click on the letter and then click on the objects that begin with that letter


Sound of Letter identification:

Click on the letter that is the first sound of the animal


Sound of Letter identification: (also enhances vocabulary)

Clifford- Find the words that begin with the same sound as the picture. Then click on the picture and drag into the box. Explain to him that after he does one list he must click on try another one.


Sound of Letter exposure: (of vowels & various vowel sounds)

Go to this index and choose Words (with a cat face on it)

A window will pop up which has 3 options.

#1-The first option exposes the vowels and their various sounds


Sound of Letter exposure & alphabetical order:

Press the letters on the keyboard and Elmo says the letter name while an object that starts with that letter pops up. This is good to review the letter names and sounds. You can even have him go in the alphabetical order (remember the alphabet song) and repeat what he just saw.




Alphabetical Order Links

Alph. Order;

Type the missing letter. Don’t go for hard or hardest always easy because those other levels are too advanced and may frustrate the student.

Also you can ask the lion to sing the alphabet song.


Alph. Order;

Click on the flower that has the missing red blank letter. Can be played over and over again – will change the missing letters each time restarts the game.


Learning Words Links

Words identification:

Interactive-He has to read the word and put each word in the right place:


Words pronunciation:

Clifford - Read the words and then click on the word and drag into the right box to see if you read the word correctly. Explain to him that after he does one list he must click on try another one.


Words exposure: (color and shape words)

Words identification: (color and shape words- spelling)

Go to this index and choose Words (with a cat face on it)

A window will pop up which has 3 options.

#2-The second option is where the child needs to spell out each color word. Click on a crayon to begin.

#3- is where the child needs to spell out each shape word. Click on a shape to begin.


English oral comprehension and thinking skills: (very good)

He has to guess what’s in the bag through the clues that are oral and written. Then he clicks his answer. After that he just clicks continue and more what’s in the bag comes up.



Trial at Shichida Academy

Posted by mommy2h on April 8, 2012 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (1)

I've been wanting to know about Shichida Method long time before,but then i just said to myself 'this is not the time yet'...but lately the idea came back and my heart just say 'hey, this is the right time!' so being me, when something pops into my mind i'll turn it to action straight away.So there we are, in Shicida Academy last thursday.For a trial lesson, they give private lesson so only Hafiy and Shota in the class (mommies to accompany along the lesson) At first I thought it is just about flashcards and numbers because Shichida is so famous for that but that's not all!There is story-telling session, abacus practice,image training etc.I was so suprised to see the speed they did in flashcards, like about 0.5sec for each card.I guess all teachers here must be very tired at the end of each lesson coz they have to speak very fast!Haha:)


Anyway, at this point i was so into enrolling Hafiy here until i was told about the fees.OMG, ¥21000 for enrollment, ¥14500 for monthly fees, ¥2100 for school charges plus another ¥1500~ every month for teaching materials.Total up to ¥39100(approx. RM1600) Each month have to pay about RM600~800!(depending on teaching materials) Oh...this is beyond our expectation...and of course our budget!So, after a very long discussion with papa i decided not to enroll Hafiy there, not that i'm being 'kedekut' or what, i'm just being rational!


BUT,(there is always a 'but' in my life though..hehe) i don't give up on Shichida anyway.I've decided to teach him by myself(aka home-ed) using Shichida Method(commonly known as right brain method) At the academy, the teacher told me that in right brain teaching method, they use a very fast speed because the brain is stimulated by hearing a fast word, and it becomes accustomed to the speed meanwhile in left brain teaching method, you speak slowly and show pictures(like reading story books) or teach one by one like in school.Hmmm...tak susah sgt kot..sbb mmg dah semulajadi ckp cepat!Haha...


Anyway, i can buy Shichida teaching materials online(and in auction too!which is cheaper!) and i got the ideas from the trial lesson so i think i can do it!Allah, please give me strengh and guys, please support me!

***Will post about useful sites with free download for materials...with the links of course, later ya!

About Shichida and Doman : My Way Of...(Part II)

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- 七田 真氏の 「赤ちゃんを賢く育てる方法」

Children are the same when they were born. Home environment and the stimulation they receive makes the differences and decide up everything. Two years before the child begins to speak is the most important period. The difference of the output includes the difference between the amount and quality of the input. Thus, parent need to play an important role to ensure a child receives the right input. 

- Makoto Shichida on 「Methods of bringing up baby wisely」

Like many parents, I want to do every possible for my child early education. I read to Hafiy books, although not every day or any other day, but at least once or twice a week, and look for every opportunity to teach him(which is hard to find!) in our daily lives. I also buy educational dvds such as Brainy Baby, Baby Einstein etc that helps stimulate his development in early learning(you'll be amazed on how kids got so glued-up to tv!) and often visit few interactive learning websites as Hafiy so in love with the computer. He is especially fond of Starfall.com and learned a lot from there!


One more thing, toys do play an important role in learning. Some people might say don't but i do think it is very important for our child to have a good toy to play with. We, as parent should choose the right toys for them..don't just buy any toys, buy the one with a learning function so that they can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time!2-in-1! Here's an article on how toys can help your child to learn.


5 Ways Toys Help Your Child Learn


  • Toys aren't all fun and games — they're critical for your child's healthy development! As she makes her way from blocks to books to crayons to teddy bears, your child is building pre-academic skills such as: Physical dexterity. Swings, wading pools, doll carriages, child-sized vehicles and ride-on toys help build strength, confidence, and balance.


  • Creativity. Finger paints, play dough, paper, and crayons all encourage artistic development, plus the fine-motor skills required for writing.


  • Problem-solving. Nature-based activities such as making mud-pies and digging in the sandbox help your child become an experimenter and investigator. Blocks, and anything your child can separate into groups, also encourage both manipulation (good for motor-skill development) and categorization.


  • Language development. Reading picture books together is extremely important to building your little one's communication skills.


  • Social skills. Dolls and stuffed animals can be used to represent people and play out troubling emotions or situations.I personally recommend this Leap Frog Read and Sing Little Leap. It teaches your child the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary, and colors. Just press the letters and the frog will sing songs or say the alphabet along with its phonics and etc.


next...flashcards, the most important item in right-brain teaching method.

About Shichida and Doman : My Way Of...(Part I)

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Entry lama diambil dari blog effirulhafiy.blogspot.com yang telah diprivatekan sekian lamanya kerana kontroversi - masa nih masih jahil bab2 berblog, maklumlah tahun 2008, so bila org 'serang' sikit terus private. No intention untuk bukak semula sbb dah lama privatekan, malas nk maintain byk2 blog but there are some posts yang rasanya bermanfaat jika dikongsi bersama...so kita start la copy paste mana yang terdaya...hope will benefit others *hugs*

About Shichida and Doman : My Way Of...(Part I)

A friend of mine asked me on how i educate Hafiy at home...well, i love to discuss on this subject, hear ppl opinions/ways, learn new methods, and i'm more than happy to share what i know and my experience.


BUT, before that i would like to explain that i'm not an educator,not a teacher nor have any experience in teaching children..my one and only student is my dear Hafiy..hehe. I dunno whether what i do is right or not but i do believe there is no 'wrong way' in educating as long as you teach benda yg berfaedah.AND, i also believe if we aim for something, and work hard towards it, insyaAllah usaha kita takkan sia2..mungkin hasilnya bukan skrg tp pastinya akan membuahkan hasil lambat laun..Allah sentiasa memberkati mereka yg berusaha ke arah kebaikan :)


One more thing, i need to explain my son does not turn out to be a genius, this is not what i aim for.He just an ordinary boy, ada kelebihan ada kekurangan dr budak2 yg sebaya dgn dia, but i'm satisfied with his achievement so far :) (click here to see what he has achieve so far)


Oh, dah melalut nih..back to the topic...i started to read books and do flashcards to Hafiy when he was 3mos old..tp tak selalu la..kdg2 ajer bila ingat dan rajin(typically me..pemalas!)pastu tunjuk dvd sket2 but ofcos la dia tak berminat langsung..takde respon..so the spirit just faded away..after that i actually did NOTHING until he was 1yrs9mos when i accidentally came across Umar&Zaky FP,and i'm very impressed at Umar's ability to read at the age of 3!From there,i felt like something burning inside me, the feeling that i don't want my son to be left out(yelah, budak2 skrg kan pandai2) and the spirit came back!(cheewah..mcm aper jekk..hahaha)


Then, i started to make flashcards collection(printed it out from the internet - here n there since we don't have money to buy it..kat Japan nih mahalll sgt!)and read articles/blogs...refering to other ppl experiences and their methods of teaching. Then, one day i came across an article about Shichida Academy, on how the right-brain education is not just about raising a genius(which people often confuse and get the wrong idea,hoping their children to be a genius when they enter the academy!)but Shichida method is for you to raise a well-balance n healthy child,for them to be good at what they are good at, digging the best potential in your child, build it then brush it!


From there I learn about the speed you suppose to flash your cards, on how to read books to children according to their age, on how to teach alphabet&phonic etc...and the most important thing is to be well-balanced = to play and have fun at the same time!plus not to forget to educate all the time, in whatever you do or wherever you go(eg at supermarket spend a minute to show your little one "this is Apple,it starts with 'A' aah aah aah Apple"..ppl might stare at you but what the heck!)


....to be continued...

Tabung Kasih Palestin

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Kempen Satu Rumah Satu Tabung

Ajarlah anak kita menabung sambil menyumbang kepada anak-anak lain yang memerlukan di Palestin.

MORAL UPBRINGING OF CHILDREN (Raising Children in Islam)

From: Islam4ever.com

"Encouraging children to sympathize with Muslim problems and to contribute to the solutions such as the poverty problem and to donate some money to the hungry Muslim children"

For more information, please visit here or click at the "Donations" page. Thank you.


Posted by mommy2h on February 16, 2011 at 9:41 AM Comments comments (2)

Where am i? Can anyone guess? hehe

Outstation again this Friday, poor 2H...sejak mommy keje asyik kena tinggal ajer..nak buat camner my work nature kena selalu kerja luar, but I tried all my best to bring them along...walau terpaksa berkorban banyak~~huhuhuhu

Belated Birthday Entry

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His 5th birthday celebration...
Celebrated by the beach at Port Dickson! Then, we went straight  to Tiara Beach Resort and spent 2 nights there..Lots of fun I must say, we enjoyed ourselves to the MAX!

(but the batuk2 selsema demam part lps kejadian not very enjoyable lah...tapi nak kata apa kan, berendam sampai kecut 2 hari berturut-turut - sendiri carik pasal!)

P/S: Notice his super duper cute cake? Yup, Shinkansen/Bullet Train cake, his alltime fav! Credits to UmiHassan aka Fariza

P/S/S: That 2 lil super cute princess are my nieces :) Such an angel!

Hola ~ It's been a YEAR??!!

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~I believe I Can Fly~

As salam,

Bismillah~Dengan izinNya.........

Sedar tak sedar dah setahun berlalu...Tarikh post terakhir saya di blog ini yang satu ketika dahulu penghubung kasih kami sekeluarga telah mencapai usia setahun. Sejak pemergian ayah (Al-Fatihah) saya sudah tidak betah untuk berblog...kerana sudah tiada sang ayah yang sentiasa mengingatkan anaknya untuk update blog, yang sanggup menelefon beribu batu merentas lautan, semata2 hanya mahukan sekeping gambar terbaru untuk ditatap atau sebaris ayat untuk menceritakan kehidupan kami hari itu...sudah tiada seorang Tok Ayah yang mahu melihat gambar cucunya yang tidak membesar di depan mata,cukuplah dengan hanya dapat melihat sedikit demi sedikit perubahan melalui lensa kamera...namun ayah cukup peka, tatkala gigi si kecil baru nak tumbuh dia dapat kesan, tatkala kepala si abang benjol kerana terjatuh, dia terlebih dahulu bertanya. Saya selalu kagum dengan tajamnya mata ayah! Ayah, we missed you dearly, semoga roh ayah aman di sana dan di tempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman...Aminn..(crying mode TT)


Anyway, kini saya kembali teruja untuk berblog. Mungkin mahu mencari kenalan lama, atau mungkin kerana kini sudah hampir 6 bulan saya sudah berada di pangkuan keluarga...sudah memulakan hidup baru di tanahair yang tercinta, banyak yang mahu saya kongsikan terutama untuk rakan-rakan yag masih berjuang di bumi sakura sana. InsyaAllah..saya harap saya tidak akan mengulangi kesilapan yang sama, tidak menghargai apa yang ada di depan mata! We will never realized until we lose it! Saya akan mencuba sebaik mungkin walaupun banyak yang perlu dikorbankan...kebahagian itu di penghujung pengorbanan..I always believe in that!



Writer's Block!

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It has been a while......

So many things happened along the way...things that I would not want to recall...

We went through it and we are now at our new place trying to adapt with our new life. FULLSTOP









I am so sorry this blog is suppose to be about me homeschooling and my kids LOL well, I don't feel like blogging anymore after my beloved father passed away (AL-FATIHAH) since my nawaitu of blogging is for my family in Malaysia to know what's going on with our life here. He was the one who will check of blog first thing in the morning, the one who will call me all the way from Malaysia just to ask me to make a new entry. Oh, ayah..I missed you dearly :(

Anyway, lil update from us..we just moved to a new place. I'm quite bz now unpacking and trying to make space for our HS so you see, I'm just lack of FREE TIME. When i find that free time I will get it in action LOL...NO really I have made a deal with my self.. And that is as soon as i get done with a task come to the pc and blog about our homeschooling day... So InshaAllah as soon as i get it in action you will all see lots more blogging from me. This is suppose to be my daily journal on how are day when anyway so I hope I can really get it down.

I just never seem to find the time to set at the pc to do it and when I do have the time to sit at the pc I TOTALLY FORGET ABOUT IT LOL so what can I do to remind my self about my homeschooling blogging site LOL BTW we don't have internet connection now so I'll be blogging from my mobile phone and that just will make my job harder :tongue:

Anyway peeps, I'll promise you this year you will see more 'real' things from us. Enough will the 'playing school' year. We will have a more organized curriculum since Hafiy is going to be 5 this year = he should learn something that is equal to 'pra sekolah' (K level) BTW i heard pra sekolah in Malaysia learn science..is that true?



Lil update

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Update sekadar untuk membuang sawang labah2 di blog nih..hehe..

sapu2 sket..penuh dah habuk debu nih :tongue: malam karang baru buat full entry, tunggu anak2 tido dulu...choww!

I have been....

Posted by mommy2h on October 5, 2009 at 10:39 AM Comments comments (2)

neglecting thing blog!

huhu..I am now so into facebook, i just don't feel like blogging anymore :p

We haven't done much either for our home-preschool. In fact, we did nothing since Eid..every weekend were full with open-house invitations, and I'm already fully booked for this weekend and next weekend! Alhamdulillah, rezeki! This year Eid is the best!

Just a quick look on what we did yesterday and today, our first activities after having nothing for about a month! Boleh la..although Hafiy is not focusing much - as they say, not engaged - but he did tolerate with me in between here and there..Alhamdulillah, manage to 'finish' a few activities (which took a veryyyy long hour to finish just ONE!! huhu)

  • Start off with painting - just to get the mood!

Wrong spelling there but nice try, boy!

**Huraian gambar: Gambar terowong dari pandangan hadapan...dalam terowong tu kereta, yg kuning tu lampu kereta..hahaha..bole bayang tak??**

  • Hashi (chopstick) exercise, but end up with spoon - alasan dia, lambat la mommy! Aishhhh....

Tak aci, okeh! hehe

  • Halqy is eager to try too so I let him do it with his 'boro'(baby biscuit) because I am very sure he will put some in his mouth!

Ada gaya tak mommy?? I'M TRYING!!

  • Last sekali baru buat something yg betul2...addition exercise. Only managed to get him to do 2 pages..okeyla better than nothing!

Dah start losing focus, pensel pon macam malas jek nak pegang...never mind..esok masih ada :)

Coloring Contest

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Hafiy's 1st ever contest!

He didn't win, of course because coloring is - well, if he make a list 1 to 10 of his fav, coloring will be rank no 10! But I admire his determination to take part in something he is not good at. Bravo, boy! Keep challenging yourself!

The contestants

Hafiy's masterpiece.

Not bad, kan? for me lahhhh..hehe..i pun bkn suka sgt art

Atas permintaan...

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Atas permintaan keluarga di Malaysia...

Ini dia gambar kami sekeluarga di pagi Syawal. Semoga terubat rindu dan syahdu :tongue:

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki tahun depan dapatlah kita beraya bersama. Aminnnnnnn~

Nota kaki: Halqy baru lps nangis sebab apa ntah..rebut mainan dgn abg dia kot. Muka mommy sembab dek kerana tak cukup tido jahit alter baju 2H yg terlampau besarr..huhu

Eid Mubarak!

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Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua...

Dipohon kemaafan andai ada salah dan silap tutur bicara, samada diaalam nyata mahupun di alam maya...sekiranya ada sebarang perlakuan yang mengguris hati, secara sengaja atau tidak, terlepas cakap terover kata-kata...sesungguhnya aku tak berniat untuk menyakitkan hati sesiapa, semuanya tu amat ku kesali...

Semoga Aidilfitri kali ini lebih bermakna, membawa perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik dan kegembiraan kepada semua.


Salam Tulus Ikhlas;

Papa2H, Mommy2H aka Nor, 2H ~ Hafiy & Halqy

P/S: Jemputlah datang ke rumah...tahun nih kami tak buat open house tapi rumah kami sentiasa open untuk menerima tetamu :)


Buat yang merindu, nih hah gambar 2H semasa beraya di Kedutaan Malaysia di Jepun.

Muslims, please beware of H1N1 Vaccine from Novartis!!! They used cell from dog's kidney!!!

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Search about this after I saw about it on Japan's local news, and found this article.

Can someone from medical field explain this to me coz I don't really understand it. What I understand is they did used cells derived from a dog's kidney - which is oh tak dapat ku nak bayangkan dan ungkapkan kehorrorannya! Or did I get it wrong?? Or sbb just derived cells hukumnyer lain ker mcm mana??? I'm not good at this so tak berani nak ckp apa...can someone ungkaikan kemusykilanku ini???!!!


This article has a description of the cell-based process



Flu Vaccine 2009 Produced, Ready for Testing

Flu Cell Tissue Cultures Used for Pandemic Swine H1N1 Vaccine


© Donald Reinhardt


Jun 12, 2009


The MCDK cell flu vaccine, prepared in large fermenters and later purified, will be tested to determine its effectiveness for immune protection against swine H1N1 flu.


The technology for flu vaccines has taken a dramatic, new and very good turn. Chicken eggs are no longer the main stay for production of flu vaccines, and that is good news as will be seen below. Soon millions of doses of highly-protective vaccine should be available throughout the world. Vaccination costs will run into the billions world-wide and that large expense for producing safe and effective vaccines can save lives and prevent illness.


Cell and Tissue Culture Vaccines Compared with Egg-Based Influenza Vaccines


The important production time and allergy considerations for vaccine production are compared below:


?Egg-based vaccines take 6-9 months to get into full production, may produce egg allergies or exacerbate allergies in people who have them.


?Cell Culture-derived vaccines are up and running into full production within weeks and massive large amounts can be produced without fear ofegg allergy problems.


Flu Cell and Tissue Culture-Derived Vaccines, What They Are, How They Work


Here are the Novartis procedures for production of the new flu vaccine:


?MDCK cells (derived in 1958 from a healthy dog's kidney) are removed from a deep freezer at -196 degrees centigrade and thawed . These cells are optimal for flu virus production.


?Cells are added to 10 L stainless steel incubators in clean rooms to maintain ?sterile? conditions. The cells proliferate into large,suspended tissue masses while incubated in liquid-based nutrient medium at controlled pH and temperature that is monitored constantly by computerized technology. After adequate growth, transfers are made to100 L and 1,000 L tanks. Three weeks later the cells are ready forviral inoculations and the proliferation and production of viruses.


?Cells are piped to a 2,500 L fermenter with fresh nutrients and flu viruses are added. The viruses attach to the cells, enter, replicate,kill the cells and seek any remaining viable kidney cells. A few days later, the viruses abound in the culture fluid.


?Column chromatography is used for the separation of culture cells from viruses,


?Ultrafiltration is used to concentrate the viruses to 100X (now 25 liters of the original 2500L).


?Viruses are inactivated chemically and only the surface H and N antigens are used.


Swine H1N1 Flu Cell Vaccine Production Final Steps


Typical flu vaccine always contains three of the predominant circulating viruses in the world population. Thus, three different vaccine batches must be combined to produce a single vaccine. Novartis reports that every 3 X 2500 L batch generates 450,000 flu vaccine unitsfor immunization. At the mixing and filling stage the process has taken a total of 16 weeks, 4 months to complete.


There is another cave at to all this. The influenza viruses are notorious for shifts and drifts in their genetics.


If a new strain be produced by gene mutations or recombination, then any current vaccine could be only partially or minimally protective.This is just another reason why life never simple or straight forward.Stay alert and be informed.



Tarbiyyatul Awlad: 10 Aktiviti Bersama Anak

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Perkongsian bersama. Dipetik dari Info Dakwah

Berikut adalah senarai sepuluh aktiviti yang dicadangkan untuk dilakukan bersama anak ? anak setiap hari. Mungkin tidak semua dapat dilaksanakan sekali gus pada setiap hari, namun anggaplah ini sebagai ?list to do? untuk aktiviti yang patut kita lakukan hari ini. Semoga senarai ini juga dapat membantu yang lain diluar sana untuk beraktiviti bersama anak ? anak.

1.      Membaca untuk anak - anak

2.      Meminta anak - anak membaca

3.      Membaca/ mengahafal/ mendengar bacaan Al Quran

4.      Berlatih kemahiran matematik bersama

5.      Menulis

6.      Belajar/ mendalami Islam

7.      Berbual

8.      Aktiviti mendengar dan menulis

9.      Belajar/ memahami Bahasa Arab

10.    Menyelia dan mempraktikkan budaya kebersihan dan kekemasan

1. Membaca untuk anak kita setiap hari

Kelebihan membaca untuk anak anda adalah: 

  • Kita akan mempunyai masa yang berkualiti bersama anak -anak, dan menunjukkan kepada mereka bahawa mereka adalah penting bagi kita
  • Ini membantu menambah perkataan ? perkataan baru dalam kamus anak - anak
  • Ini membantu anak ? anak kita belajar menyebut perkataan dengan betul
  • Aktiviti ini membantu anak ? anak mempelajari lenggok bahasa, dimana perlu berhenti seketika, di mana perlu ditekankan
  • Ianya membantu melatih kemahiran mendengar, tahap perhatian dan keupayaan untuk fokus pada diri anak ? anak
  • Ini membolehkan berlakunya perkembangan dalam pemahaman anak ? anak terhadap dunia dengan memberikan pendedahan baru kepada mereka
  • Ianya juga memberi peluang kepada anak ? anak untuk bertanyakan soalan atau menyatakan pendapat dan pandangan mereka. Teruskan membaca untuk anak ? anak selagi mana mereka menunjukkan minat terhadap aktiviti ini.

Antara bahan yang boleh dibaca: buku cerita, Al Quran, Al Hadith, artikel, surat khabar

Tip: Pastikan berbincang selepas membacakan untuk mereka 

2. Meminta anak ? anak membaca

  • Kemahiran membaca adalah sama seperti kemahiran ? kemahiran lain, perlukan latihan supaya untuk menguasainya
  • Membaca setiap hari adalah penting!
  • Bahan untuk dibaca anak ? anak adalah bergantung kepada tahap umur masing ?masing: Huruf, perkataan, ayat, perenggan, cerita, Al Hadith, Al Quran

Mintalah anak ? anak kita membacakan untuk kita dan berilah semangat kepada mereka untuk terus membaca.

3. Membaca/ mengahafal/ mendengar bacaan Al Quran 

  • Semak kebersamaan kita dengan Al Quran setiap hari.
  • Cuba untuk menghafal sesuatu yang baru setiap hari, walaupun hanya satu ayat.
  • Mendengar bacaan Al Quran (mp3 player dan sebagainya) 

 4. Berlatih kemahiran matematik bersama.

Matematik ada di rumah kita. Jadi berlatih asas matematik bersama anak ? anak adalah sesuatu yang menyeronokkan dan dalam masa yang sama matematik adalah satu kemahiran yang penting. Pelbagai aktiviti boleh dilakukan seperti:

  • Menyelesaikan soalan yang diberikan
  • Bermain teka ? teki matematik
  • Kelas matematik

Lebihkan fokus kepada aplikasi matematik yang mudah dan sememangnya digunakan dalam kehidupan harian seperti menyukat, menganggar, mengira dan menyelesaikan masalah. Cuba dapatkan matematik pada setiap ruang kita bersama dengan mereka!

5. Menulis

Minta anak ? anak kita menulis setiap hari untuk memperbaiki tulisan mereka dalam masa yang sama mereka dapat menyatakan apa yang mereka rasa atau alami melalui tulisan.

Ada beberapa cadangan:

Menyalin semula. Minta anak ? anak menyalin semula huruf, nombor, perkataan,ayat, peranggan dari pelbagai sumber seperti buku, surat khabar, tanda isyarat, label, ayat Al Quran dan juga Hadith

Minta mereka untuk membacakan semula apa yang telah mereka tulis 

Minta mereka menyalin senarai seperti barang keperluan dapur, senarai ke pasar raya, judul buku yang sudah di baca, nama adik beradik dan ahli keluarga. Anak ? anak juga boleh diminta menulis surat .

6. Belajar/ mendalami Islam 

Ajarkan kepada anak ? anak kita tentang konsep ? konsep asas yang penting dalam Islam seperti rukun Islam dan rukun Iman.

Mempraktikkan bacaan doa dan etika harian sebagai seorang muslim (semasa bangun tidur, hendak tidur, sebelum makan, semasa makan, selepas makan, keluardan masuk bilik air, beri salam, bersin dan sendawa)

Membuat praktikal solat bersama anak ? anak  (mengikut pada tahap anak ? anak itu sendiri). Kalau pun tidak pada setiap hari, jadikan ini sebagai rutin mingguan supaya kita dapat memastikan mereka dapat belajar dan akhirnya mendirikan solat dengan betul.  

7. Berbual

Masa makan adalah masa yang paling sesuai untuk berbicara dengan anak ?anak. Luangkan masa untuk bercakap dengan anak ? anak sejak mereka masih kecil lagi.

Jangan lupa menjaga beberapa perkara semasa berbual dengan mereka:   

  • Menjaga eye contact
  • Jangan menyampuk
  • Mendengar dengan perhatian
  • Memberikan tindak balas atau respon yang sesuai  
  • Pada pendapat saya, sekiranya anak ? anak tersilap sebut, mereka perlu dibetulkan dengan lembut .


8. Aktiviti mendengar dan menulis

Tuliskan/sediakan untuk anak ? anak beberapa perkataan atau bahan untuk dibaca,kemudian kita menyalin apa yang dibacakan.

Aktiviti ini boleh dilakukan secara bergilir, dimana kita pula membaca kemudian anak ? anak menulis apa yang dibacakan untuknya.

Aktiviti ini boleh melatih kesemua empat kemahiran dalam bahasa iaitu menulis, membaca, bercakap dan mendengar

Ianya membantu dalam melatih ingatan anak ? anak. Kajian menunjukkan bahawa menulis apa yang didengar dapat merangsang perkembangan bahasa anak ? anak.  

9. Belajar/ memahami dan bercakap Bahasa Arab

Cuba untuk mempelajari bahasa Arab setiap hari, sama ada melalui kelas secara formal atau tidak formal dengan cuba berbual dalam bahasa ini antara satu sama lain. Bahasa Arab adalah bahasa Al Quran dan bahasa agama kita, oleh kerana itu bahasa ini amat penting untuk dipelajari.  

10. Menyelia,mempraktikkan budaya kebersihan dan kekemasan

Ini adalah perkara yang teramat penting untuk dititik beratkan. Kebersihan dan kekemasan mempengaruhi kesihatan kita dan juga kehidupan sosial kita. Anak ? anak perlu dididik sedari kecil tentang kepentingan kebersihan dan melatih mereka untuk sukakan kebersihan. Ini bukanlah perkara yang sukar kerana pelbagai aktiviti harian ini boleh dilakukan dalam suasana yang ceria dan menarik.

Luangkan masa untuk mengawasi anak ? anak kita dari segi kebersihan dan kekemasan semasa;

  • Menggunakan bilik air
  • Mandi
  • Memberus gigi
  • Makan
  • Menyikat rambut
  • Memotong kuku
  • Sekali sekala, lakukan aktiviti gotong royong bersama ? sama untuk memupuk semangat menjaga kebersihan pada diri mereka.
  • Aktiviti memasak bersama juga salah satu dari idea yang menarik untuk dicuba.

Adaptasi dari perkongsian Umm Ibrahim bint Milton


How time flies!

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This is Hafiy n his best mate, Shota when they were around 10mos(Hafiy at 9mos-he's a month younger than Shota)





And this picca was taken on April, 2009..look how big they've grown!





Owh..I miss those days!!!!!



Oh, btw..I'm starting our Bento Lunch again...so this is today's menu.





Posted by mommy2h on August 31, 2009 at 12:52 PM Comments comments (10)

Akhir-akhir ini suka merepek meraban, biar berani sikit bersuara...hehe..

'speaking' sket la so that I can limit my readers, sapa yang rasa nak tahu sila guna itu google translator walau tak betul sebenarnya kerana saya guna bahasa pasar dia tak reti nak translate tapi bole la nak dapat rough idea...

TAPI read at your own risk la yer! Lepas baca jangan failkan claim pula sbb anda yang usaha ingin tahu, saya dah bagi pilihan kan *wink*:tongue:










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